Reviewing a book about right-wing comedy.

July 2022

On the brilliancy of one cross-platform format and its comedic endurance.

April 2022

Smith/Rock + three times a roast went emotionally weird.

March 2022

On live intimacy in a post-pandemic world.

February 2022

On the late bloomers of comedy.

January 2022

On the disintegration (and multiplication) of the parody, from Mel Brooks to YouTube.

December 2021

Reflecting on the landmark HBO special and how comedy has changed in the last decade.

November 2021

More on comedy and circulation in the age of endless speech.

October 2021

On skepticism, affect, and circulation.

September 2021

On the comedians who wrestle with the dark.

July 2021

On the poetics of food comedy.

June 2021

Feeling Bo Burnham's comedy (and thinking about it, too).